Studio Spotlight: The Jukebox- Gilbert, Arizona



THE JUKEBOX, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is barely one year old and already the studio is setting the standard for hip hop dance in Arizona. Having danced with and met all the directors and teachers, its easy to say The Jukebox’s vibe is open, inviting, and creative. The staff is lead by Leah Roman assisted by RaeRae who are both instructors as well. The rest of the staff includes Balta, Jamz, and Fro – which each one has their own unique style of dance and continuously inspire dancers of all ages and styles. I recently interviewed RaeRae (Assistant Director) about The JukeBox:

How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing since high school, which was a decade ago. lol.
How long has the Jukebox been open? What was the inspiration for opening the Jukebox?

The Jukebox is a year young and still growing. Leah has always dreamed of having a dope spot for dancers to get down at and learn from each other. When I saw the ad for an available space, I thought of Leah right away. I knew Leah would make things happen.
What are some accomplishments for the studio or dancers?

One of the biggest accomplishments is having the Jukebox become a house hold name in the dance community in AZ. Also because of the dope teachers who come from other states, the name has been crossing beyond state lines. I love that.
Whats your favorite style of dance?

My favorite style is definitely a fusion of everything that I’ve been learning and continue to learn. I love it all!

Guilty pleasure song to dance to?

Hanson! LOL
Whats ahead for The Jukebox?

Continued growth…. FOREVER.

Link to YouTube

Link to The Jukebox’s webpage


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