HHI’s Living Legend Award Recipient: Randy Jackson

Hip Hop International really came full force this year on a number of different levels. Just talking to dancers, parents, and staff at the event, it seemed this year was a lot more energetic and hype then other years past. All the crews in the divisions really brought passion, energy, attitude, and unity to all the dancing that occurred at the event. Another big highlight of the event was that of Randy Jackson, creator of America’s Best Dance Crew, receiving the 2011 Living Legend Award for his work with the show.

Randy Jackson had come to HHI previous years before ABDC was even a thought and it was an idea that sparked in his mind and Howard & Karen Schwartz to create something like ABDC. Howard & Karen Schwartz had been doing Hip Hop International for a number of years. Check out a quick interview on the histroy of HHI with Howard Schwartz w/ my boy, “Ken-Dogg”: 

So Randy Jackson had only really showed up Sunday, did a press conference, received the award, and left but it was great seeing how he was around everyone! You can tell a lot by a person behind the camera and I hope I was able to capture a little bit of that in this behind the scenes footage: 


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