Interview with STRIFE.TV

STRIFE.TV is one of those names you don’t forget on YouTube. Before there was YouTube for street dance videos, it was or to see all types of bboying, locking, popping, and other forms. Remember every week or so waiting to see what the new video was on each of those websites, yeah I do too. Along came YouTube and set the generation of YouTube dancers. All of us dancers watched videos of street dance on YouTube just to see new styles of all forms and we would try to mimic what these dancers did.  We became known as the “YouTube Dancer Generation.”

Channels began to pop up like, Style2Ouf on YouTube, and specifically and more recently: STRIFE.TV. You’ve probably watched a number of videos from STRIFE.TV if youre interesred in the scene! They’re most popular is this one: 

1. Tell us the history about Strife TV 

    -When it started


    -Who started it? Connected to the culture beforehand?

    -How did it come together

It all started at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the founding members of Strife.TV were all part of the Bboy club.  They all enjoyed filming and dancing so it naturally just came about.  If I remember correctly, the first videos we ever posted were from World of Dance showcases back in 2008.  The first event we filmed straight up breakin’ was the Battle of the Year : USA Qualifiers 2008 (Poe One likes to always remind us of that).  Our first international video came from Korea at the Cyon Bboy Battle 2009.  From there, we started to film and interview the dancers to show how these bboys were in real life.

2. What makes Strife different from other street dance channels?

We were able to gain the audience we have by getting the dancers to open up to us.  Every time we film, we always recorded the dancers preparing before their battles or just going out and having fun afterwards.  The B-boys allowed us to enter into their daily lives, which enabled us to film the “B-Boy Cribs” episodes and many interesting concept videos and skits.  Putting up battle footages, dance instructions, performances and etc. does get you many views, but we wanted to actually show the personalities of the dancers at their most relaxed state.

3. Whats the overall mission of Strife?

I think our website, youtube, and facebook page summarizes it the best.

4. Where does “Strife” originate from?

What we cover and what we do is a constant… struggle (haha), hence the name Strife.

5. Whats the upcoming future for Strife?

We hope to be fully sponsored and funded so that our group can turn this “filming- gig” into full-time jobs.  It would make our lives a lot easier, and allow us to do the two things we love: dancing and filming the lives of dancers.

6. Any words of advice for dancers trying to get their name out there on YouTube or through Strife.

We try to film something you do not see everyday.  The people we film, all have interesting talents and stories.  As our camera man Daniel says, “[We film dancers] because they offer something unique we think people can relate to.”  For example, Nadia with her crazy trip from Russia to USA, Zeshen’s being a medical student at University of Texas, etc.

7. Whats one of the favorite moments caught on Strife

The Epic Dance Battle of the Big Men [Roger vs Crumbles]… I mean you can’t get more hype than two of the biggest guys going at it on the dance floor.


8. Whats one of the craziest moments caught on Strife

All the videos we were asked to put down from our youtube/vimeo.

Haha.  Seriously, the craziest moments might be when the MC for Redbull BC One : USA Qualifiers kept messing up Toyz’s battles.  He kept on announcing the other bboys (Palmer and Nasty Ray) as the winners when the judges clearly gave the win to Toyz.  The crowd was not too pleased.

9. You guys seem to be everywhere at all times with street dance, how do you do it?

About that… we actually live near (or just so happen to be in) the places we film.  Currently, we have people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), New York, Hawaii, Seoul, and London.  I recently just moved to Detroit and hope to start filming the Michigan and Canada scene… after I have enough money to buy a camera.

Just to repeat, we do not make a lot of money through Youtube and get asked to travel everywhere. Most of us are recent college graduates and we rarely get paid to film. All of the expenses we accumulate in our travels (new cameras, lens, gas, food, etc.) are paid using the money we make from our day-time jobs.  We do this because we love this culture. 

PC, Love, and Live

Thanks for the interview! Check out this dope video from STRIFE.TV w/ Bboy Zeshen: 

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