Freestyle Session 2011 Starts Today in Hollywood

Every year bboys, poppers, and lockers come together for one of the biggest battles in the world: Freestyle Session. Thrown by Cros1, Grassroots Productions, and Armory, Freestyle Session brings the best crews and dancers from not just the U.S. but from around the world. My first experience at Freestyle Sessions was back in 2006, and I continued to go except for last year when I had purchased my tickets but unfortunately my grandma had passed away the Monday before.

The great thing about this years battle is that they will be donating $2 of every ticket sold to benefit Richard “Bboy Steelo” Vasquez and his family. Recently, Bboy Steelo had to go under in surgery to repair a brain aneurysm, which came out successful yet the recovery is going to take some time. What great news that everything went well with the surgery but this will put Richard out of work for some time as he recovers, and will not be able to provide for his family. What Cros1 is doing by donating $2 of every to the Vasquez family is great and truly the hip hop community comes together for their own!

Here’s some more info on the battle:

3 vs 3 Bboy/Bgirl Battles

1st Place-$15,000 Cash & Prizes
2nd Place-$3,000 Cash & Prizes
3rd & 4th-Prize Packs
Poe One-Stylelements/RSF/Zulu
Wicket-Renegades/Footwork Fanatics
Paulskee-Mighty 4/Rock Force Crew

1 vs 1 Poppin Battle for $1000 cash & prizes

popping judges:
Kid Boogie, SugaPop, Sally Sly

1 vs 1 Lockin Battle $500 cash & prizes

locking judges:
Toni Basil & SugaPop

Headed by Bionic Man MGF

Dj’s Element, Abel, Lean Rock, Charlie Rock and more TBA

also special Performances, Art Exhibitions, Hip Hop Vendors and more….

Official Qualifier Events….
7-16-Freestyle Session Orlando Florida for more info:

3 on 3 Sign Ups for Battle in August to sign up email
1. LabRats-Virigina
2. Red Eye Jedis-Hawaii
3. DF Zulu Breakers-Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. FSS Florida
5. THE FREAK SHOW – Oceanside CA.
6. Calamities – San Diego, CA
7. Battleholex – LA/Scotland
8. TruRoots – Salem, Oregon
9. Bboy Alliance – Las Vegas, NV

10. Jinjo – Seoul, Korea

11. Havikoro – Houston, TX

12. Unique Styles Crew – Orlando, FL
13. The Squadron – USA
14. Termites Crew – Stockton, CA
15. Revenge of the Goonies – San Gabriel Valley, CA
16. French Flava – France
17. Beast Coast – USA
18. Defying Gravity – Jacksonville, FL
19. 808 Breakers – Honolulu, Hawaii
20. McGuffin – Japan
21. Flava Steps – Japan/Korea
25. ShoryuKent -Kent, WA
26. Wicked FX – Medford, Oregon
28. Urban Artistry – Wash DC.
29. Ladies of Urban Artistry – Wash DC.
30. M.O.T. – Austria
31. Criminalz – Russia
33. House of Reps – Las Vegas, NV
34. Crooks Crew – Chicago IL
35. Pretty Bitch Clique – Houston, TX/Boston, MA
36. Fallen Kings – CA
45. 5 Crew Dynasty – NYC
46. Russian Steps – Russia
52. Robson800-Japan/Vancouver
54. B.O.M.D – Las Vegas, NV

63. PANIC ZONE – Honolulu, HI
64. RAW MUZZLEZ – Rome, Italy
65. X-MOB – Los Angeles, CA
R66. Skill Methods Crew – Florida
67. War Machine – Minneapolis, MN
68. Future Styles – Phoenix, AZ
69. LA BREAKERS – Los Angeles, CA

So much diversity this year when it comes to the bboy/bgirl crews! Cros1 even said, ”

Tickets now on sale at keyword Freestyle Session

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