The Future of Street Dance: 10 Kids You Should KNOW About

Baby Wockee

The Future is coming quickly and tomorrow, the kids of today will be the hottest dancers on the scene. It’s amazing to see these kids all over the battle scene, on YouTube, on TV shows and Movies. Right there are about 10 kids throughout the US and UK that you should really keep tabs on! They are everywhere in the media and the talents of these kids are INSANE! Leggo!

Lil Demon – He is the DOPEST Bboy under 10 out there. Coming from Panic Zone from Hawaii (Skill Methodz as well), he has won a number of different competitions including Best power and Best underage: 

Bboy Jalen – Jalen has been dancing since he was 4 years old after watching “You Got Served” and being inspired. Coming from Washington Jalen has grown in his craft to be one of the top up and coming bboys and all around dancers. He’s in Super Cr3w and was also in Step Up 3D: 

Baby Boogaloo – The funkiest little boy around! Baby Boogaloo coming from Oxnard, California is one of the up and coming Funk Styles dancers and is a member of Emanon Dance Crew, Miniotics, Future Funk, & RawKreation. He and Bailrok make up Future Funk which you may have seen them on America’s Got Talent. Check out Baby Boogaloo: 

Bailrok – Rock Steady Crew, Future Funk, Prodigy Crew – the kid is reppin all over! Seen with the likes of Beyonce, Drake, Justin Bieber – just to name a few – not only is Bailrok being seen with everyone but he’s showing his skills on the floor: 

Master Mace: I personally have seen Mace’s progression over the last year or so and know his family on a personal level. With his determination and love for dancing, he’s going to go as far as he wants: 

Shockarella Tia – She’s the smallest one with the biggest personality! Props to Dee from Full Out Studio in Britain for directing me:

Hollywood from Iconic Boyz – Coming from those ICONic Boyz that all them girls be talking about! Saw this kid at Hip Hop International and he is truly legit! Not to mention Tiny Manifest from Ziggity Crew in this video haha: 

Simirn Player. Aka SIMI – You can find this girl everywhere from the streets to the TV/Movie screens. Real raw talent from Curfew Drama out of AZ. She’s been in Justin Bieber and Willow Smith videos, Step Up 3D, and many more. Check her out: 

Bboy D Styles– The little brother of Jalen aka J Styles who is following in his older brothers footsteps: 

Tiny Manifest – Coming from down under Australia and representing Ziggity Crew, I got to see this kid rock some serious beats to a number of different styles at Hip Hop International: 

Lil Phunk – The up and coming generation of Phunk Phemenon looks bright with these kids following in their footsteps. Winners of the USA 2011 HHI Junior Division these kids have so much style and technique, representing Boston: 

Some other fun videos to watch: 

2 thoughts on “The Future of Street Dance: 10 Kids You Should KNOW About

  1. Lil Demon has been part of Skill Methodz for like a year now, you should add that he’s not just part of Panic Zone, but part of Skill Methodz too.

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