Master Mace (FSC – Arizona): 1st American Invited to Chelles Baby Battles

To say that my boy, Master Mace, is working hard these days at the craft of his B-boy skills is an UNDERSTATEMENT! The kid is busting hard at the art and dance which he loves! Mace has been traveling around the country with his family hitting battles, competitions, and training for an amazing opportunity/accomplishment that was just presented!

Talking to Mace’s Dad, I was told that they posted a video of Mace’s bboy’n from their YouTube on Chelles Battles Facebook page and said it was his dream to go International and battle! Well, a few days went by and his Dad received a message from the organizer about Mace and his Dad being invited out to Chelles Baby Battles at the beginning of March. A few more days went by and Mace’s dad was told Mace would be the first American bboy kid to ever be invited out to the Chelles Baby Battles! This is not only a HUGE accomplishment for Mace and his family, but in the history of bboy’n around the world! THE FIRST AMERICAN BBOY KID TO BE INVITED TO CHELLES BABY BATTLES! Check it out on the Baby Battles Page

Check out the ROAD2FRANCE Progression from The Maya Boys: 

Master Mace & C-Rock (FSC) Semi-Finals at INTO THE PRIME2: 

Future Styles Crew vs Curfew Drama: 


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