The 17th Annual VIBE Dance Competiton – UC Irvine Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012

We had a chance to get some background on the 17th Annual VIBE Dance Competition that is coming up on Sunday, January 29 at UC-Irvine Bren Events Center! Our interview with Executive Director -Jason Park gave us some history on the event and some behind the scenes as well!

  •  When did Vibe start?

The first annual VIBE took place in 1996.

  •  Who started Vibe?

VIBE was started by UC Irvine’s Lambda Theta Delta. Arnel Calvario, Founder of Kaba Modern, was a roommate with an LTD and had made a suggestion to the fraternity to host a small talent show to give hip hop dancers an opportunity to perform while creating a philanthropic opportunity for the organization.

  •  What was the idea behind Vibe?

VIBE was originally a small scale talent show to bring together untapped hip hop talent from all over Southern California.

  •  What does it take to organize an event like this?

Months and months of planning, organizing, and executing. It takes a handful of us to organize the event, but the entire organization of Lambda Theta Delta to execute the event on the day of. But most importantly, it takes 600+ performers to rehearse countless numbers of hours to put together their performance. Without these performers, we don’t have a show and we are grateful each and every year to have so many performers who want to put on the best show that they can on our stage.

  •  How has Vibe grown over the years?

VIBE was originally held at a small location at UC Irvine and was later moved to the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Little Tokyo to accommodate the growing audience. Soon that venue became too small and was moved back to UCI but at a much larger venue, the Bren Events Center, which holds over 5,000 occupancy. Our audience has grown each and every year as well as our degree of production and our determination to make VIBE the best that it can be. 

  •  Whats the message you try to share with Vibe?

The message we try to spread the message with VIBE is ‘community first’. We aim to maintain VIBE as a community-based event hoping to provide a memorable experience for the performers, judges, audience members, and our staff. We also strive each year to help and contribute to those in need and make a difference in our local community.

  •  Are you in a crew yourself? What crew?

I competed at VIBE for a years with CADC from 2006-2008 and performed at the 2010 & 2011 VIBE with Kinjaz.

  •  Whats ahead for this years Vibe?

This year’s VIBE will feature two crews from Japan which will bring an international audience to our show. We also have a few new crews competing and performing exhibition as well as YouTube singer JR Aquino. 

  •  What are some of your favorite moments with Vibe?

Some of my favorite moments are simply watching the performances live. So often I hear of fans of these crews, as well as VIBE, wishing they resided in Southern California so that they could watch them perform live and so I know what a privelage it is and how lucky I am to be able to experience it myself.

  •  Tell us about Vibe Jr.’s 

VIBE JRs was actually a suggestion from one of my friends to produce an exclusive JR dance competition that really highlights the talent in our community’s youth. We decided to throw the event under VIBE’s name because we our mission with the new JR dance competition followed the model of VIBE.

  •  If Vibe had a theme song, what would that song be?

Carly Comando – Everyday

  •  Any funny moments from Vibe competitions?

Definitely one of the funniest moments of VIBE was when Lawrence and Kunal (VIBE 16 Hosts) first came on stage as Jabbawockeez. I remember suddenly seeing alot of cameras go up in the air, only to be followed by mass disappointment. Classic. 

  •  Where can people follow Vibe online?

You can follow us on Twitter @VIBEDanceComp

 Our website at

Tumblr at

 Search for our videos on YouTube

  •  Any words of advice for dancers or crews

Thank you. Thank you and Thank you! VIBE is YOUR event. It takes each and every one of us – all 700+ performers and staff – to make this show possible. Your feedback, positive and negative, have helped us improve VIBE every year to better your experience which in turn improves the experience of the audience members. THANK YOU!! 

  •  Shout outs…

Shout outs to our sponsors – Metro PCS, IM KING Clothing, VLADO Footwear, Boogiezone and Movement Lifestyle. Shout outs to all of our AMAZING crews/performers and even more AMAZING judges. Shout outs to CADC and Kinjaz. And of course, a HUGE shout out to the Brothers of Lambda Theta Delta. 

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