Juste Debout Finals

This weekend was a big weekend for all of hip hop dance! Paris, France was host to Steez Juste Debout finals which included House, Toprock, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, and Experimental styles! Taking from 15 prelimenary countries that included Singapore, China, Canada, Germany, and many more, the winners of each style and country represented for their region in Paris yesterday! P-Lock, Caleaf, Niako, and Kei have represented the judging panel traveling worldwide to find the best 2 dancers for each style in each location! All these judges have Juste Debout experience in their respective styles of Locking, House, Hip Hop, and Popping.

This batch of dancers for Juste Debout could easily have been one of the better selection in many years, although it’s hard to top something like what happened last year! In 2011, the Hip Hop category easily had to be the best style out of all because Les Twins beastly performance in the specific category! Lets check out the finals from this year!






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