SxS Dance / Luke Minx Video Contest


LUKE MINX – a kid fresh from Kansas City with a lot to say. I speak through my music. So like any other artist hear me out. Music is made to be enjoyed and learn from. I’m just a kid telling my story and making music to relate to people around the world.

Luke made it to Hollywood on this season of American Idol and now will be releasing some new music in May! To lead up to this anticipated new music, we at SxS Dance are doing a contest with a recent cover song Luke did!

Here is all the information:

Luke Minx / Step X Step Dance Video Contest:
1. Download Luke Minx song
2. Make a 1-2min Choreo/Freestyle Video
3. Post video on SxS Facebook Fanpage
4. Get your friends to vote by liking your video on SxS Page
5. The Top 3 “Liked” videos will be judged by our panel (including Luke)
6. 1 Winner will receive Step X Step shirt, $50, a shout out from Luke Minx on video, and more!!!!

Download Luke Minx song here:

Contest: April 4 – April 15 
April 16 we’ll announce the Top3 “Liked” videos and April 20 we’ll announce the WINNER

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