History of House Music: 15-Part YouTube Series

Understanding the roots of a culture or revolution are vitality important to the progression of it! The creators, the movers and shakers, who sacrifice everything to push an idea or movement must be known for the future generations to understand what a movement is really all about! With any culture or revolution, the pure knowledge and understanding of what the message is ever important! House music has continued it’s revolution in a vast variety of forms both underground and commercially!

As a personal note, the last few years I have really taken to the House movement and culture! The music, the dance, and the culture in itself is such a beautiful message! Having come to the knowledge of House dance originators and their inspiration and influence, I have wanted to learn so much more about it! I want to know the roots of the music, the dance, and the message it portrays! Today I came upon a 15-part series found on YouTube about the History of House Music. I will share these videos in multiple posts!

Most importantly, whether its the House movement, Hip Hop Culture, or any culture of positive nature – make sure to always studies the roots and origins of it so that you can respect those who have come before!





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