Steelo 444 Documentary & Steelo and Groovaloos on DWTS

There is so much to update you guys on with Richard “STEELO” Vazquez’s progress and recovery! Last month at Keep On Dancing LA Pre-lims, Steelo supported the event by showing up and sitting with the judges for most of the event! Just seeing Steelo at the event was an inspiration to many of the dancers who attended the event and knew of Steelo’s story! As I stood their watching the battles, my eyes glanced over at Steelo a few times and I could see him tapping his feet along to the music! You could tell the music was in him by just the tapping of his feet and even when he stood up on the outer cyphers, he was in the circle!

Steelo’s progression is a miracle! It’s a God-sent miracle! When you watch these 2 short documentary teasers, you will understand what I mean! By what his wife went through, his friends, and even seeing the pictures/video of him in the hospital in his condition, its amazing to see the heart of human life! Another amazing thing is Steelo will perform with The Groovaloos on Dancing With The Stars, Tuesday, May 1, 2012 ! Make sure to tune in and watch Steelo get down with his crew mates, The Groovaloos!



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