Interview with Vince from VincaniTV

In today’s generation of YouTubers, there are a lot of people that try to make videos that will get tons of hits and become really popular while trying to get partnered with the site. VicaniTV is not that kind of channel! The conception of VincaniTV came from teaching at homeless shelters and community centers for kids, and the posting of tutorials for kids came right after! Living in a generation where most of us spend a lot of time on the Internet including the major video site, YouTube, someone like Vince coming along and teaching correct principles, foundations, and techniques in a variety of styles is helping shape the dancers of tomorrow!

When you go to VincaniTV you will see a number of topics and tutorials in street dance, hip hop, and house dance. Everything from Footwork 101 to Basics of House Dance, Locking, Breakin, and even treating injuries as well as stretching and warmups. In a little over just one year, VincaniTV has a cool 20,000 subscribers and 2Million total views. There is a lot more to the brains behind the videos you see online and we caught up with Vince Horiuchi from Sacramento, CA.


Hometown, and what’s your street dance style – Sacramento, CA and I am a bboy. I also am a student of house, popping and locking.

What was your first exposure to street dance styles?– I 1st experienced street dancing my freshman year of high school. Walking in to gym class I saw a kid doing flares. This kid was a young Victor Kim who I later went to my 1st bboy event with “Floor Tactics.” The event that really exposed me to Sac’s Hip Hop scene was an event called 916 Recognition. Basically was an all elements battle(bboy, popping, djing, MC and Graff) Here I feel in love with the hip hop culture.

Who were some of your early inspirations– Early on all I knew was martial arts. I had no one that could really teach me much, no youtube, no DVDs and no VHS tapes. I learned from memories that I had and what I thought bboying looked like. I would rent old Martial Art Movies every weekend just to try to get inspired to try a new move or imitate a new character. I also used to watch a show on the Spanish Channel called Caliente. Most people watch this show because it had a bunch of sexy girls dancing to Reggeton but I would watch it just to catch 2 seconds of random people doing Capoiera. There was always someone doing a cool move that I would get ideas from. For my 1st 2 years of bboying I pretty much was just doing martial arts moves to music.

Tell us about the scene where you come from– The scene in Sac has its ups and downs. I have seen the seen go through some good times and some bad times, however the good thing is that it is growing and learning. New faces are always showing up and people are constantly trying to come up. Hopefully some day I see more people travel and do it big.

Do you have a crew? do you battle?– My crew is 2nd Nature and I do battle. I am currently training for R16 SF.

What was the first video you posted on YouTube?– 1st Video ever was probably footage of me battling at a local event in Sacramento. I never had a digital camera until recently so I would have to get footage from other people.

How did VincaniTV come to be? What was the idea behind tutorials?– There wasnt really a big idea behind it I simply was teaching at a homeless shelter and 2 community centers in Sacramento and when budget cuts cut my program I wanted to find a way to continue to teach the kids. I started posting tutorials for them to check out and when I saw that these videos were helpful for so many kids I just had to continue.

Any favorite videos?  Favorite videos of mine are actually the more creative and fun ones I have done with my crew and friends. For a while I was doing some comedy videos with David So which were really fun to do. So far the video I feel I put the most quality work into was the 2nd Nature Trailer. Video is for sure a great learning process.

At what point did you become partnered with YouTube?– I became a partner after 2 months of posting videos.

What are plans for the YouTube channel for the future?– It is tuff to teach kids correctly though youtube so I am currently working on a series of videos teaching kids proper training techniques, nutrition, and also different training concepts kids can be creative with. I also want to continue to have older members of the dance community drop knowledge of their story in hip hop so that respect can continue to be given where it is due.

Noticed that you graduated from CSU, Sacramento — How important is education for street dancers either in school or outside?- Education is extremely important especially if you want to become an entrepreneur. I have been teaching and dancing professionally since I was 18. Living on my own, owning my own car, food, bills, ect all paid because of dance. I feel that being a business major has sent me in the right direction on approaching making dance my carrier. It has been a extremely hard struggle so before you decide to peruse dancing as a carrier prep yourself for a constant hustle. As a dancer you are your own business. So you must know how to use your skills to their full potential. 

How would you view the current boy scene? do you think there is anything missing from the Bboy scene? I would say the bboy scene is going some where. I am not sure where, but I have some high hopes for it. There are a lot of people in the community making big moves and I feel that there is a lot of positivity coming out of this. Bboys are sharing more knowledge with each other, bigger and better events are arising and it feels that bboys are slowly getting the respect they deserve.

If you had the chance to teach Bboy’n in one particular country…Where and Why? -My 1st response would be Germany and Japan because I have a lot of family there that I have never meet. However, that would be selfish hahah I would like to teach in countries with limited resources. Places that dont have people that bboy, places that dont even have internet. I would like to share with a country like this the true essence of hip hop.

What’s a guilty pleasure song you would dance to with no one watching? – Im a big fan of slow jams so you can catch me rockin out to some 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s slow jams.

Any last shout outs or words of inspiration for dancers– Never give up on your dreams. People talk about wanting to do something with their lives all the time but with out action, nothing will be accomplished. Make goals, make steps towards then and mark them off your check list.

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the positive people I have in my live and the people I have come across.” – Vince Horiuchi





2 thoughts on “Interview with Vince from VincaniTV

  1. hi my name is Jessica pollard and I’ve been watching your videos that you made, so I kinda get the Idea of your moves and I know it takes alot of practice and I probably know step by step like the 12 step I think, so maybe you can show me a little more about the steps and kinda go through it again that would be great :)…anyways I wanted to thank you for showing us the moves you really put so much work into it and i know it’s hard. Thank you so much for everything Vince. 🙂 p.s I hope you did a really good job on your awesome moves they were epic!! 🙂 thanks again. 🙂

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