ABDC Season 7 Spotlight: RNG – Rated Next Generation (Washington)

Coming from just north of Seattle, Washington – RNG aka Rated Next Generation is bringing their smooth and raw choreography skills to the ABDC stage on April 11, 2012! Selected as one of the top 10 crews, RNG is reppin for the Northwest by bringing their own style and fresh dancing to compete against 9 other crews! Now RNG is not the youngest crew on the show, that would belong to 8Flavahz, but their traveling to the Houston audition for this season was a true display of dedication and desire to be on the show! Having experienced the audition process for ABDC before this year, RNG knew what it took to go all out and impress the current judges! Roll call for RNG goes –Paiton aka Lil Swagg, Aneeka aka Neeks, Erin aka Lil Dancer Gurl, Marina aka Marayray, Nikki aka Nik Nak, Alex aka Tic Tac, and Bailey aka B. This isn’t the first time RNG has had the spotlight on them, they auditioned for America’s Got Talent and made it pretty far! They are choreographed by Kolanie Marks and have a very BIG FAN BASE!

Check out some of their videos and interview:






One thought on “ABDC Season 7 Spotlight: RNG – Rated Next Generation (Washington)

  1. I would love join your group please email me about this question i am a awsome dancer and singer please call

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