Hip Hop School of Arts

“The Hip Hop School of Arts (HHSA) is a non-profit organization 501(c) (3). The school offers a unique performing arts, technical/trade program designed to transform each student’s creative energy into marketable skills through education, guidance and self-expression. We provide workshops and programs year-round, as well as engage our youth in service to the community. HHSA is built upon a foundation of peace, love and unity, where all feel welcome knowing that they are free to develop their talents and ability to create a future limited only by their dreams.”

“The Hip Hop School of Arts was approved on Thursday, Sept. 15 2011, at 12:32 a.m. after a long night. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes for all seven commissioners to vote an unanimous decision in favor of the project. This is the first time in history in that city officials have embraced HIP HOP in the United States. All the commissioners thanked us for bringing this amazing project to the city of Pomona. The HHSA building is located at 499 North Garey Avenue, Pomona CA, 91767”

“Monday, April 9th 2012  was a victorious day for the Hip Hop community.  All four department plans of HHSA were stamped for approval.  HHSA has now begun construction on the Hip Hop School of Arts! Patience and persistence has paid off. It is all downhill from here. Would you like to be a part of Hip Hop history? Here is your opportunity! We need you to volunteer! Construction has begun on the HHSA building.  If you have skills that can help us complete our project, please contact: Cesar@HipHopSchoolofArts.org”

Only July 7, 2012 Hip Hop Schools of Arts will OFFICIALLY open its doors in Pomona, California. This historic school for the United States will offer a number of programs including Bboyin, MC’n, Poppin, Locking, DJ’n, Art, and more!  There is a huge need all around the world to supply programs for not only children and youth but for many adults who want to add to their life through the Hip Hop culture! It’s amazing to see the City of Pomona allow for such an amazing school to provide these programs that will not just enhance the youth in that city but provide future leaders in the world! A BIG SHOUT OUT to Cesar and everyone who had initiated this project and have continued to push it forward to what will be an opening day on July 7, 2012.

Founder, “Lil’ Cesar has dedicated himself to re-creating the safe haven of his youth that allowed him to develop the tools that lifted him from poverty to international dance phenomenon. The Hip Hop School of the Arts is his vision come to life. HHSA will once again provide at-risk youth with a safe venue to shine and hone their individual talents and skills. Through the opportunities afforded them at HHSA, Lil’ Cesar will help today’s challenged youth out of a world of despair and into the spotlight of hope by showing them that their destinies and magnificence lie within themselves.”

Multi-media Library/Computer Lab:
Books, periodicals, music, art, video, films, internet access, HD digital audio/video archive

Equipped to handle all of the elements plus classroom workshops

Dance Studios/ Gymnasium:
Set up a dance stage for projects; rehearsal space, wood floors and exercise mats 

Fully equipped indoor theatre for performances 

Music Recording Studio:
Fully equipped for audio production, recording, mixing, and mastering with state of the art technology for Emceein’, Beat Boxin’, and DJin’ departments and all the elements final projects and singing

Film Production Studio:
Photo, film projects, video production and editing for all elements

Historical archive including preserved artifacts and collectibles honoring all of Hip Hop’s 40 years of history

Wall of Fame:
Honoring those who contribute to our school

Urban Art Walls:
Wall space for student workshop art mural projects

Kitchen & Eating Area

Healthy food
Souvenir store:
Student projects, t-shirts, hats, shoes, music, dance dvds, art, frame design etc. 

Administrative Offices:
Rooms for Administrative Divisions

Conference Room:
12 person capacity with state of the art technology






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