Hip Hop International Crew Spotlight: UP StreetDance Club (Philippines)

Our first interview as we kick off the countdown to Hip Hop International 2012 in Las Vegas! We have been so missing the feeling of HHI since we attended and covered the event last summer! So for our first interview we got in touch with a dope crew coming from the Philippines for their first time! Representing the Philippines and University of the Philippines is UP StreetDance Club! This crew once again gives another reason as to why the Philippines is going off with hip hop dancing! They combine choreography with bboying, locking, popping, and insane gymnastics!

On their Facebook Page it says,

“”So, whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God”
1 Corinthians 10:31

The UP Streetdance Club is a non-profit organization duly recognized by the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Formed in 1997 by a group of students looking for a venue for creative expression, the UP Streetdance Club is now one of the most prominent dance organizations in the country. 

The UP Streetdance Club serves to represent, inspire and reinforce God-centered living by: 
• Developing and initiating ministry programs in and outside the Club;
• establishing Accountability;
• Nurturing and environment conducive to learning and growth;
• building up Credible members and leaders with the heart to serve;
• Embodying Biblical values and Encouraging regular Club Fellowship; and
• implementing systematic Recruitment and training programs.”

Past Productions:

Street Fuzion
1. Youth Empowerment Through Dance (2001)
2. Oops! We Did It Again (2002)
3. 3x Da Funk (2003)
4. Love Is The Answer (2004)
5. Chosen Lives…Changing Lives (2005)
6. Saved (2006)
7. Back ‘N’ D Hood (2007)
8. Ministry Of Dance (2008)
9. Crossroads (2009)
10. Decade Vision Dance (2010)
11. Reconnect (2011)
12. Word (2012)


Where are you from? 

We’re from the Philippines. We’re based in the University of the Philippines-Diliman as a student-organization.

When did Up Street Dance originate? 

We started in 1997 under the leadership of our former director, Sir Jerome Dimalanta.

How did the name Up StreetDance come about? 

UP is the acronym of our school (University of the Philippines). The term “StreetDance” was coined by our director’s mentor, Mr. Jungee Marcelo, pertaining to the Filipinos’ adaptation of the Hiphop Dance from US.

Who is in the current crew? 

We’re composed of selected members from the UP StreetDance Club.


What types of styles do you incorporate in the crew? 

Diversed. Bboying, Locking, Popping, House, New Jack Swing, New Style. Also gymnastics.


What types of competitions does the crew battle in as a crew? 

We’re mostly focused on collegiate competitions. 


none yet


Who are your biggest inspirations or influences? 

Inspirations: God, our families and friends; Influences: ABDC Crews


What does it take to prepare for something like Hip Hop International? 

Physical training, intensive brainstorming on the  choreography, technique training, mental and spiritual conditioning, and MOST IMPORTANTLY raising funds.


How many years have you competed at Hip Hop International? 

This is gonna be our debut. 🙂


What is the dance scene like where you are from in the Philippines? 

It’s very alive. People from different parts of the country showcase and appreciate Hiphop dancing. 


What are some funny things about the members of the crew? 

The consul from the US Embassy mistook some of the members as church choir singers rather than dancers! 🙂


Any guilty pleasure songs or artists to dance to? 

None really, but we like to goof around with random songs every now and then.


If you had to choose a theme song for the crew, what would it be? 

Ima Shine!


Whats ahead for Up Street Dance Crew in 2012 (other than Hip Hop International)? 

Ouroutreach programs in the PI! 🙂


Words of inspiration for dancers…

Use the talent God has given you. Never take it for granted. 🙂




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