Top 100 Bboy Quotes from

Floating around the social media site is the TOP 100 BBOY QUOTES from , so we thought we would share our TOP10 favorites from the list as well as videos to go along with them! There are TOO many great quotes in here, ready to inspire you to continue on your journey in life, in dance, and anything else you can relate it too!  ENJOY!


“You’re never going to change street dance as much as it’s going to change you.”Barry “GRIZ” Rabkin

“What counts most in my book is variety. Going out and doing so much that you just can’t really come back at that with one or two moves. He covered all his basic elements, his toprocks, hit footwork, his powermoves, his freezes. That’s what I look for most of all. Because those are the things that I try to exemplify when I’m dancing myself. I don’t always get that far because it’s quite difficult. But it’s the standard that I strive for and it’s the standard that I think other dancers should strive for because that’s what makes us mature as dancers. Why stick to one or two things when you can have it all?”Kujo

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.”James Brown

“The illest battles I’ve seen haven’t always been the battles with the ‘big name’ B-Boys, it’s more about who had the heart and who puts all their body and soul into translating music to movement.”B-Girl Smoothie

“The body is the brush, the circle is the canvas, the paint is the blood, sweat and tears”. – Poe One

“It’s a way of life. It’s a feeling. It’s not just throwing down and making moves. You gotta feel it. We live it, we love it. It’s god given, it’s like spirituality. It’s not to satisfy the flesh, it’s to satisfy the spirit. Especially if you do it the right way. A lot of people aren’t really dancing for a meaning. They’re just throwing down and trying to be the best.”Abstrak, Flipz, Teknyc, Skill Methods Crew

“In order to express yourself fluently with the art of dance, think of styles as vocabularies. The more moves you know the more fluently you can speak.” Free, Circle of Fire and Shape Shifters

“If you’re asking me what you need to do to be a good dancer than you already messed up. Nobody defines me. I define me. You have to ask yourself what you need to do to be a good dancer. That’s the only way to develop your own unique style.”Buddha Stretch

“Foundation isn’t a move.” – Ken Swift

“Always a student, never a master.” – Mr. Wiggles



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