Hip Hop International Spotlight: Method Crew (Brisbane, Australia)

Method Crew from Brisbane, Australia is ready to bring that down under swag and funk to Las Vegas in a few weeks! They bring all the right elements of Hip Hop culture to the floor and they leave it all there! Ready to bring home the gold for their home country of Australia, y’all better keep your eye out for Method Crew!

Here’s some history on the crew and an interview with Jessie

“Method Crew is comprised of an eclectic group of positively charged individual dancers, that when working together create an amazingly energetic and synergistic atmosphere on stage! 
Heavy focus is placed on the entertainment value within their stage performances and also in remaining true to traditional hip-hop and street dance culture. 
With members coming from very different backgrounds and cultures, this multi-cultural and multi-talented crew have already seen success in the short time they’ve been together. In their maiden performance at the Brisbane qualifier for Hip Hop International, Method Crew placed 2nd in the mega-crew division, gaining them an invite to represent Australia at the 2012 World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, USA in July this year.”


  • Where are we from – Brisbane, Australia
    Originated – January this year
    Method name – I (Jessie) came up with the name. reason why i suggested it is because its a name that we identify ourselves with our styles and character as a group and as individuals, each and every one of us have our own style and we work hard as a mega crew putting a ‘method’ of ideas, choreography, and originality together into our performances.Current members – Che Pritchard, Matthew McKeown, Dion Apirana, Rene-Mar Patorgo Coloma, Marc Vecchio, Joaquin Ezykill Planes, Jason Weiland, Ileana Herman, Nadia Roosens, Talia Rose, Jessie Jane Fidler , Vina Teodosio, Shanice Johnston, Tegan Barret-Mcguin, Angeli Avril Chupungco, Vylita Makata Styles -house, locking, mainstream, hiphop, new jack, wacking, some dancehall but not much, I dunno wat else to add.
    soooo far….

  • What types of comps does the crew battle in as a crew?
    Being a new crew we have only had the one opportunity so far at the Queensland Hip Hop International competition in which we placed 2nd overall in Australia putting us in the Australian team to compete in Vegas in August. We hope to continue our journey and enter more competitions in the future, nationally and internationally.Individually – Each member has their own unique style, no two are the same, made up of street dancers to teachers a lot of our members have entered freestyle/podium comps in local night clubs as well as auditions for television show ‘Everybody dance now’. Many of our crew members also belong to smaller crews and enter competitions with them as well. Being such a diverse team we tend to be a stand out and we are becoming more well known in the Australian dance community.

    What does it take to prepare for something like Hip Hop Internationals?
    You have to start taking things a little more seriously, and adjust your mindset a little. Our crew loves to have fun and we tend to joke and laugh more than anything, but when you’re competing at an international level and being a new crew, you’ve got to realize just how high the standard is and start focusing and working a lot harder towards your goals. Due to the fact that a lot of our members have full time jobs and/or uni, plus we all like to take classes in the evenings, we have to have a lot of late night training sessions. We have also been working on our fitness and strength, both individually and as a group at Saturday morning boot camp. 

    How many years have you competed at Hip Hop International?

    This is our first year! Weeee! 😀

    What is the dance scene like where you are from in Australia? Styles? Other crews?
    It’s a very supportive dance community in Brisbane, much smaller than other states in Australia. There’s always friendly competition, we’re mostly about supporting each other and helping the dance scene grow. New crews start emerging, and new styles/variations developing with individual styles and choreographers. Modern/mainstream/krump and party dances like dougie, jerk etc, is the most popular style especially for crews, but there is also quite a strong bboy scene as well as a few talented poppers and lockers, wacking is now more popular within Australian dancers.

    Do any of you teach at studios? Community?
    A few of us from Method crew teach at Elements Collective, this is the studio we represent. Others teach classes in different locations based around where they reside.

    What are some funny things about the members of the crew?

    THE VEGAS KITTY – since qualifying for the world titles we started the kitty; we have a bunch of rules and if we break these rules we get fined $1 and paid instantly into the tin. Some of these rules apply – being late, matching clothes as another crew member (all get a fine), inappropriate body noises, odd socks, if you have to pay a fine and dont have $1 u have to pay $2 next time, missing a practice & more. We all love to snitch each other out to make individuals pay a fine. Generally we are a fun and entertaining bunch of people and always have a fun time.

    Any guilty pleasure songs or artists to dance to?

    Carly Rae Jepson – call me maybe Hahaha it’s just such a catchy song. Some of our crew used it in one of their routines for their smaller crew, and a few of us made up some chorey to the chorus, to bust out in the clubs. So cheesy, but good fun. The Prince Of Bellair theme song which we used in previous routines and shows. Most of all every time we hear Beyonce’s song ‘love on top’ we get silly and we also have video evidence of our cheesy dance moves to that song. 

    What’s ahead for Method Crew in 2012 (other than Hip Hop International)?
    After hip hop international we will be shortly competing in Battlegrounds in September which is Australia’s biggest dance competition involving 15 other countries. Also we hope to add more members into our family to increase our numbers (we are small for a mega crew with only 17 members at the moment). We hope to continue down this path and be an entertaining and influential crew to the dance scene.

    Words of inspiration for dancers?
    These come from some members of the crew
    Jessie Jane – There will always be opportunities to grow and learn every time you listen to a beat, walk into a studio or even jam with friends. You will never know whats is awaiting around the corner and with one book that closes another one will open.
    Tegan – Never stop Learning! The only person that you have to be better than is the person that you were yesterday

  • Matthew – Courage. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”



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