“Califunk from Freshland” – Legend da Beatslaya by Stefani (SxS Netherlands)

By Stefani (SxS Dance Netherlands)

Let’s talk Funk. Let’s talk Mr Soul Funky a.k.a. Legend da Beatslaya. Either you know of da Beatslaya as a dancer, a
musician or both.
As a dancer he is part of MOTION SICKNESS CREW and BEATSLAYAZ who belong to The Electric Boogaloo Family.
Originally from Orange County, Beatslaya was raised throughout the Suburban Streets of “Cali-funki” (CA) but
currently resides in “Freshland, Planet Earth” with his better half and artist: Chalice Serrano and their little princess.
Freshland is of course a hint to his recordlabel LABL’D FRESH.

This year I got to know the man behind the Funk a little bit. It happened under very exciting circumstances and I can
tell you he really is one of the most down to earth, positive and infectious forces I’ve had to pleasure to come across.

This is the story of a Legend. One who was born in 1982. Yes you read that correctly! It means you only need less
than 2 decades to become a living one..
As a dancer Legend was extensively trained by the Originators of Funk: The Electric Boogaloos. He mastered
dancestyles such as Popping, Boogaloo, Crazy Legs, Toy Man, Ticking, Dime Stoppin, Scare Crow, Puppet,
Robotting, Boppin, Tutting, Waving, & more.


‘Sharpening his skills by training with his crews, battling in the Streets, Stages, & Nightclubs all over the World, as a
result made him a highly respected, established Funkstyle Dancer. Not only in the Funk community but also in the Hip
Hop Communities around the world. Legend was a repeated International Underground Popping Battle Winner:
Old School Night Vol.6 -Osaka, Japan (Winner), Korea Poppin’ Session-South Korea (Winner), & American Street
Dance Championships-Los Angeles, Ca.’


As a Funkstyle Choreographer and dancer Legend performed in concerts & music videos with artists such as:
Will. I. Am , The Black Eyed Peas, Wildchild (for the ones who don’t know: this is Baby Boogaloo’s father- an aclaimed
MC), Mac 10, & Enrique Iglesias and was on tv shows like Soul Train, Star Search and MTV’S Sisqo’s Shake Down
National Dance Contest! We all remember those days…

It might come as a suprise for many that Legend is a classically trained percussionist.
His biography tells us: “12 years on a Drumset & 6 years of drumline fed to his understanding & being able to
execute complicated rhythms. Legend went from being a major dance competitor, to an internationally, respected
dance judge/ performer, who now can transform his body into the Music. His history and presence in the Dance
Culture gives Legend an advantage towards his unique style of Drum programming, his nac for flavorful melodies, and
soulfully potent chordz. The Dance World has prepared him for the Music World. Beatslaya’s dynamic style of music
production is designed to create involuntary neck movement. & His broad understanding in what dancers crave, landed
him his first major film placement with Stomp the Yard. With the self titled song Stomp the Yard, in which he
features as a artist.”


Watch the magic that unfolds when he connects his body with his own music. This a demo in Greece from the
world tourwith Juste Debout in 2011. Legend was a popping-judge along with Meech (Hip Hop New Style- FRA),
Brooklyn Terry (House-USA) and Khan (Locking-KOR).
At one point I asked Legend about his Juste Debout experience. I remember him telling me that it was dope to
see how all the other countries represent popping and incorporate the dance their own way. He said his
mind was blown during that time and that his judge demos were unorthodox because of it.


His deep understanding of dance is also the reason why his music is being played by dj’s and dancers in all corners of
the world, be it battles, workshops or showcases.
Watch popping Pete get it in on a track called PERTYBOI FADE from the ALBUM: Sui’in Funqy For Ya Ear-
nostrils Vol.3

Legend recently allowed Les Twins to exclusively premiere his song ‘Swagg’ by artist Chalice Serrano before the
release of the album BEAUTY & DA BEATS. Larry and Laurent really felt the song and played it publicly for the first
time during their World of Dance performance in Los Angeles in April. But instead of sharing that footage, let’s make it
culturally interesting: the next video was shot at a festival in Kyrgyzstan (Eastern Europe) in May of 2012, where more
than 10.000 Hip Hop lovers attended. Sidenote: Legend is the one holding the camera !


From France to Kyrgyzstan and from USA to Korea he is loved and asked to judge, teach and compose music for events all over the world. This is what happened when Keep On Dancing asked him to create an anthem for the 2011 edition:


Back to Beatslaya da dancer. Back to the Step by Step theme. Because that’s the way he became Legend. Put one funky foot in front of the other. That’s how “he went from being the youngest Popping Judge in the Funk Culture, to
being, the first Funkstylist to be Honored with the Outstanding Popping Skills Award, at the 1st Annual Hip Hop Dance Awards.” At the time he released a statement which will never lose it’s realness and relevance.

“I have passion for spreading the Funk All Around the World. We must keep our Funk Culture growing
Strong. And also keep our Young People’s Minds Strong and occupied on something Productive & Out of
Trouble. Also, Give them something to Boost their Moral. So, it’s always a Beautiful thing to me when
there Is a genuine interest in Learning This Dance & about Our Culture. I’m Ready To Get Down & Get
Funky & to Share the knowledge I have received from my Teachers & Peers. They Have Blessed me & It is
my duty to Pass on the Soul & Funk, For the Preservation & Growth of the FunkStyles Community. & for
The Personal Growth For the Individuals Learning this Dance. Remember a few essential rules to dance: 1 Fully express yourself, using your body to interpret the Music, & the Spirit of the Song.
2 Bringing the Audio To Visual.” -Legend da Beatslaya

Indeed, we talked Funk and Fresh with a capital F!

A big shout out to Legend AND Chalice for your inspiration and open hearts!

Step X Step Dance is #TEAMLABLDFRESH.




Full bio of Legend Da Beatslaya








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