Hip Hop International Spotlight: Correlation (Houston, TX)

Coming from Houston, TX where street dance and hip hop dance is thriving, Correlation Crew brings not only the core elements of hip hop but also the relation of a crew and the culture! Houston, as we all know, has a booming culture of street dancers and hip hop heads, so it was only time for a new generation of dancers to take to Hip Hop International.


Where are you from

Houston TX

When did Correlation Crew originate
June 2011
How did the name Correlation Crew come about
We were at a snowcone place after practice. we didn’t want a common name but we wanted something that related to all of us individually and at the same time not forget where we came from. “Core” coming from the center/ roots and “Relation” meaning that we are all different but at the same time we can relate to each other by having the same passion which is dance.
Who is in the current crew
Albert, Victor, Joseph, Ignacio, Manny, Joey along with fresh new faces Stacy, Francisco, Joe, Genevive, Nicki, Magda, Jimmy
What types of styles do you incorporate in the crew
Hip-hop, House, Break dancing, Contemporary, Wacking, Popping, Locking, Tutting, Latin Styles.
What types of competitions does the crew battle in as a crew
Mostly Hip hop competitions but like to add our own taste to show our diversity……… Individually….. not at the moment we are mostly focusing on training as a crew.
Who are your biggest inspirations or influences
Nappytabbs, Academy of Villains, and each other in the crew we push and encourage each other to grow.
What does it take to prepare for something like Hip Hop International
A lot of dedication, discipline, and desire.
How many years have you competed at Hip Hop International
This will be our first time competing.
Tell us about the Houston street dance scene
The dance scene here is more commercial its not like what you see in LA or New York.
Do any of you teach at studios, community
Yes we teach at after school programs for kids all ages
What are some funny things about the members of the crew
Everyone in the crew has a “unique” personality which never makes a dull moment at practice or when we are bonding together.
Any guilty pleasure songs or artists to dance to
Missy Elliot and Jay-Z
If you had to choose a theme song for the crew, what would it be
Gonna Fly by Bill Conti (Rocky Balboa theme song)
Whats ahead for Correlation Crew in 2012 (other than Hip Hop International)
Best of Texas Dance Competition
Words of inspiration for dancers
” Only you know what is best for you. Dont take for granted the thing closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless.”


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