Hip Hop International Spotlight: The Legacy Project (Tulsa, Oklahoma)


Where are you from? 
Tulsa, Oklahoma

When did Legacy Project Crew originate? 
One year ago
How did the name Legacy Project Crew come about? 
We wanted to teach people to leave their mark on this earth, thus leaving their legacy.

Who is in the current crew?
Alexis Chasteen, Sydney Pham, Dayleigh Minter, Kelsey Thompson, Erica Carangalan, Jordan Price, Juanita Torres
What types of styles do you incorporate in the crew?
Locking, Tutting, HH choreography, up rocking, some house and a few breaking freezes
What types of competitions does the crew battle in as a crew? 
WOD and local competitions 
Who are your biggest inspirations or influences? 
Keone Madrid, Mariel Martin, and Request
What does it take to prepare for something like Hip Hop International? 
A lot of hours in practice
How many years have you competed at Hip Hop International? 
This is our first year ever.
Tell us about the Tulsa, OK street dance scene – 
We have a pretty active bboy scene, our studio where we are from, actually has a freestyle fridays where every friday all the bboys from the surrounding cities come and jam every Friday.

Do any of you teach at studios, community? 
We are actually a studio based crew
What are some funny things about the members of the crew? 
We are professional eaters! We know how to get down on some grub. We also all “THINK” we can sing
Any guilty pleasure songs or artists to dance to? 
If you had to choose a theme song for the crew, what would it be? 
We Run this by Missy Elliott

Whats ahead for Legacy Project Crew in 2012 (other than Hip Hop International)? 
We are currently working with an Universal Record artist choreographing his music video and professional commercial, a long with growing as dancers

Words of inspiration for dancers… 
Everyone’s style is their form of art, so learn from everybody and anybody. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE… even those without natural ability can be really good dancers if they just practice! 




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