Highlighting Little Shao & Hip Hop Photography

If you have ever been on Facebook, or any other social media site where photos are shared quite regularly, then you have probably seen some of Little Shao’s work. A French Photographer from Paris makes his way around the world capturing some of the most sensational moments in Hip Hop Dance culture. Whether its snapping the camera during an event or the quiet moments of pulling aside some dancers for stills, Little Shao/Hip Hop Photography is the top name in the game. You can check out a great interview with Little Shao on DancersGlobal.com.

Let’s share some great photos of Shao and Hip Hop Photography (WILLIAM K)

From DancersGlobal.com Interview with Little Shao:

How did you get started in Hip-Hop Photography?

I started when I got serious about photography. As I was living as a Bboy, thinking as a Bboy, eating as Bboy, sleeping as a Bboy, and breathing as a Bboy it was my world, so working in Hip-Hop Photography was obvious. I was into Hip-Hop before thinking about doing photography even if though I really liked it. To tell you the story about why I really started doing photography is all because of dance. I couldn’t find the right photography, which could capture my dance movement properly, so I told myself that I would learn to do it. I can’t find someone who can take a picture of me dancing as I want and I can’t take a picture of myself, ahaha!”





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