Recap of Freestyle Session 15 & Top Status Room

Freestyle Session 15 is one week in the books and the event was monumental! Between the B-boy battle and the Top Status room battles, its safe to say I think the culture is really stepping up. CrosOne organized another great event and I really believe this was one of the best Sessions. All the battles were so hype and the crowd was feeling all the battles and performances. Probably the defining moment of the whole weekend was The Groovaloos with Steelo:

From the very beginning on Saturday at Club Nokia you could tell there was something about to pop off in the cyphers and in the battles! The main floor was host to all the bboys and bgirls as well as the sponsors. While the next floor was dedicated to the Popping and Top Styles battles and cyphers! The talent ranged from Flying Buddha, Flow Mo Crew, Casper, Luigi, Kid David, Yan, Les Twins, Boogie Frantick, Hurricane and many other street dancers. When you have a list like that ready to battle for the top prize, you know whats about to go down!

To me this event shared more than just a bunch of talent looking to win the top prize, it showed me that the culture is coming together in many different forms. I mean you really had to be in that venue to see how beast everyone was stepping up at the battles and cyphers. On top of that, there was so much respect after the battles and cyphers which showed to me dancers are serious about furthering the culture.

Once again big shout out to CrosOne, Bionic, and everyone involved organizing and running such a solid event! From the battle to the performances to the sponsors and cyphers, you want to make sure you dont miss Freestyle Session next year!

Shout out to Strife.TV for the quality videos of the finals below:

Here’s some of the footage we got:




 INSTAGRAM- iamcros1


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