Culture Shock Dance Troupe 20th Anniversary Celebration

One of the most influential dance troupes of our time is celebrating their 20th Anniversary coming up the middle of this month. Culture Shock Dance Troupe may have its roots in some of the busiest and thriving cities around the U.S. and Canada, but the productions and dancers they have produced have influenced a number of people from around the world.

From their website it says, “Culture Shock is a network of nonprofit dance companies that brings the power and beauty of hip-hop to diverse audiences via professional entertainment, dance education, and community enrichment programs.

Founded by Angie Bunch, the Culture Shock powerhouse originated in San Diego in 1993. Troupes followed in Los Angeles; Oakland; Las Vegas; Chicago; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; and Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. To learn more about each city—including programs, events, staff and how you can offer support—visit its individual website.

Culture Shock is an international organization with outposts in the United States and Canada. Every year the various troupes come together to share their love of hip-hop and learn from each other at the weekend-long Culture Shock International Choreographer’s Showcase.”

From October 18-21, 2012 Culture Shock Dance Troupe will once again come together for the International Choreographer’s Showcase, but this year will be the 20th Anniversary of the dance troupe.

Culture Shock San Diego will mark its 20th anniversary at its International Choreographers Showcase from October 18-21, 2012. As the biggest event of the four-day anniversary celebration, The International Showcase, to be held on October 20, will spotlight Culture Shock troupes from all over the world as well as America’s Best Dance Crew season five winners Poreotics and ABDC favorites Kaba Modern. Other anniversary weekend highlights include a dragon-themed fund-raising gala on October 18, a Youth Showcase starring Future, Mini, Mighty Shock and other community dance crews on October 19 and a reunion of Culture Shock alumni to include So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo.”





One thought on “Culture Shock Dance Troupe 20th Anniversary Celebration

  1. the pictures below it looks like everybody and even children can join too and dance!! i think that’s very awesome!!…have a great day and have a nice night and have fun dancing!! you guys are truly awesome!!

    Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 23:42:49 +0000 To:

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