Fall back…NO…Fall FORWARD

Fall back, NOPE – Fall FORWARD! This time of year can be exciting for many reasons with the change of weather or even starting a new year of school. What the Fall season really inspires us to do is get organized and finish the year at our best. So even though we Fall back in time, we seek to fall forward in our goals! When it comes to dancing or any other artistic talent we seek to broaden our perspective on the experiences we have had throughout the year.

 For example, we sometimes get into a routine of moving a certain way or using the same technique because it is comfortable for us. Yet the real power and expansion of our talent comes when we challenge our movement to move another way or our minds to think a different perspective. We can take the experiences we’ve had throughout the year, whether good or bad, and apply it to challenging our current state.

There’s always something refreshing about how the Fall season comes into play that gives us that extra push to make it to the end of the year. We celebrate a number of Holidays that bring us closer to family and friends. We start a new school year to expand the education of our minds. We are reenergized by cheering for our favorite sports teams. We begin working on new routines, rhythms, and patterns that will be performed for shows or competitions.

As we take in new experiences daily, we must appreciate what is given to us and do the best we can with whatever happens. As dancers we live for these moments where the challenge of life seems difficult to work through, yet the thought of sharing those experiences through dance, whether a performance, competition, or battle, gives us the added excitement to expand our horizons.

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