Milestone for Step x Step Dance – THANK YOU! :)

MAN! What a joy and adventure it has been over the last 16months for us here at Step x Step Dance. We have devoted ourselves to “uniting dancers worldwide step by step,” and we have hit a few new milestones this week in doing so! We have traveled to a number of battles, workshops, competitions, and more seeking to bring you the hottest dancers from around the U.S. and around the world.

What a beautiful thing dance is! There have been so many occasions where dance has brought together people who don’t speak the same language but understand how much passion drives them to share their talents. On top of seeing that passion, its been amazing to hear the stories of dancers, their families, or friends sacrifices to help them pursue their dreams and has inspired us to help many achieve their own dreams. We try our best to cover the popular crews, dancers, events, and more but we feel there are many out there who just need a voice to share their God-given abilities!

With that being said, we have reached over 2Million views on our YouTube, over 150,000 views on this site, almost 3,000 fans on Facebook, and almost 3,000 subscribers on our YouTube. These are big milestones for us as we are trying to connect with as many dancers as possible so we can highlight those who may not have a voice. This also allows us to grow in areas such as events and education that will help children, youth, and adults live to their full potential and achieve their dreams!

We thought we’d share some of our top moments and favorite moments as well.

Our first spotlight and interview was with a dancer I had connected with through YouTube and Facebook. Meluchi Emeh, one of the dopest dancers out in the East.


And our first Hip Hop International Feature as well as Interview with Dynamic Crew from Ireland



Our First Studio Spotlight was with The Jukebox Dance Studio (Gilbert, Arizona)


Our first coverage of a battle was at Vegas Shakedown 12 and it was the Popping Judge Exhibition

RADisRAD was our first interview at Hip Hop International 2011

Our first coverage of World of Dance at San Diego interviewing Poe One and Kid Rainen

STEEZ was our first review after covering the new boomboxes and headphones at WOD San Diego


By far definitely one of my top moments was landing interviews with Laurent from LES TWINS and then Stefani getting an interview with his brother Larry. We have been truly blessed to meet so many great people through these interviews 🙂

BABYWOCKEE PROMO which was shot by Jacob

STEELO has by far been my favorite coverage…only because the guy is a straight up miracle from God. What he has encoutered and overcome has been so amazing! I believe it has strengthened the hip hop culture and scene to the max! When I got to meet him at Freestyle Session 15, it was overwhelming and you can feel his light and energy!


There is so much more that we have done and will continue to do! Stay updated on all our happenings and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! WE LOVE DANCE AND WE KNOW YOU DO TOO!

BIG THANKS TO SOME IMPORTANT PEOPLE: Mack, Jacob, Kyl, Stefani, Fro, Carolina, Jess Bedolla, Hip Hop International team, Mookie, Team Kolias, Judy Link, Waves, Tha Edge, Pe’pe, Danny C, Filip, World of Dance, Dance Mogul Magazine, Dancers Global, Jason from Evolution in Phoenix, The Jukebox, Matthew Love from Storm Studios, Addison Johnson, Joey Jam, Anthony from Urban Media, Dave Flave from All Street Dance, Tha5Elements, Fallen Kings Crew, Vegas scene, Phoenix scene, Utah scene, all our East Coast Family and everyone around the world! If we left out anybody we apologize but we LOVE YOU ALL! KEEP DANCING



INSTAGRAM: stepxstepdance


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