Dancer/Crew Spotlight: Team 2.0 (St. Louis, MO)

Fresh out of the Lou aka St. Louis, MO is a duo of dancers who are helping put the MidWest on the map for up and coming street dancers! Rian (2.0) and Tabitha (Tabbz) better known as Team 2.0 are sharing their passion for dance and street styles through many different avenues and channels around the MidWest and through social medias.

These two grew not only in their passion for dance but grew into a relationship between the two! We all know about NappyTabs but now we have Tabbz2.0 to look out for! Having only known these two for a few months, I have seen their dedication to not only dance but to serving the community around St. Louis. I hope in some way you all appreciate being able to learn about different dancers from different scenes!


            At what age did both of you start dancing?

           We both started dancing in our early teen years.

Who were some of your influences growing up?

Michael Jackson, Popin Pete and Madonna

What street dance styles influence your current style?

We are true street dancers. Completely self taught; We use all styles of dance as an inspiration. We can do choreography but enjoy freestyle dance as it shows extreme creativity and individual style, while embracing the music and making beats come alive.

How did Team 2.0 come to be?

We started out as good friends with a passion for creativity. The more we danced together, the more we learned and the better we became. As we grew together so did our feelings for one another. We found how capatable we are and that we have very simular interests. We both can hear music and it moves us, literally. By some unexplanable magnetic attraction We found one another and are helping eachother be the best at anything we put our minds to.

What opportunities or accomplishments have come for 2.0?

We have performed in fashion shows and events, We been on News channels and Our dance video was presented at the Raw Artist talent showcase. 

What dancers are you watching these days?

We are watching so many dancers LOL!. Les Twins, Poppin Pete, Bones, Ladia Yates, Alfreda, mufasa.

Tell us about the dance scene in St. Louis

The dance scene here in St. Louis isn’t that big. But with the new comers like our selfs and a couple other we are trying to bring it back too life and encourange more to dance and be postiive! we hope to be hosting event for dancers to come together and have fun! Dance has the power to bring people of all walks and  shapes together!

How important is it for dancers to know the history of Hip Hop?

It’s very important to know your roots, with out that a person cannot truly progress. Hip Hop is big epescially in what we do so we have to make sure to learn as much as we can and use it.

If Team2.0 could perform for any artist who would it be?

We would love to be able to perform with Alica keys or maybe missy elliot!

What are you listening to these days?

Everything we can. It helps with new style dance ^_^

Any shout outs?
We would like to give a shout out to Clayton Ashcraft we would like to thank you for this opprotunity! We also want to say thank you to anyone who has watched,liked or, supported what we are doing. It means more then any words could say!

Words of inspiration for dancers out there…

Stay true to yourself! Whatever you put your heart into, make it your own style.  The world is yours you can do anything you want to do! Never give up on your dreams!!





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