Funkdation Friday: Feature with Scarlett from Funkdation Crew (ABDC 7)

Scarlett Nabil stole our hearts this last season on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 with Funkdation Crew. We remember the funkiness of Scarlett and her crew members coming from Monterrey, Mexico and sharing the different styles of street dance on the ABDC stage! Personally, I think they went off the show too early but they continued to push forward after the leaving the ABDC stage!

Having followed the beautiful Scarlett online and meeting her at Hip Hop International, where she danced with GRV in the Megacrew Division, you feel the radiance, energy, and passion she has for life! Her passion for dance can not only be seen through her videos but also in her dedication with her crew. Funkdation Crew will be performing at the end of this month at Carnival in Los Angeles, which is a huge accomplishment for any dancer!

It was a true honor to get Scarlett to answer a few questions about her background, what ABDC was like, what she’s doing now, and what the future holds! I encourage any young ladies to follow along with Scarlett and any of the ladies from Funkdation as great role models in the dance scene. Funky, classy, beasts in the dance world – thats what Scarlett represents! Enjoy ūüôā


At what age did you start dancing? 

I started dancing at age 17, right after I retired from gymnastics.

Who were some of your inspirations?

One of my main inspirations were my gymnastics coaches. They dont have anything to do with dancing, but they were the ones that, after I retired from the sport, motivated me to not give up on the greatest things in life: discipline and passion. 


What was your first exposure to Hip Hop dance?

One of my best friends in high school was a Hip-Hop teacher at a University in Mexico, and he kept on insisting on joining his classes and about Hip-Hop, cause I didnt know what it was back then. 

Tell us about the dance scene in Monterrey, Mexico.

The Hip-Hop dance scene in Monterrey, Mx is growing little by little but its getting bigger. After we got out of the show a lot of people back in Monterrey were motivated to learn Hip-Hop. 

You’re a former gymnast, how did you apply your gymnastics to your dancing?

When I was a gymnast I trained for 8 hrs daily, traveled, went to a lot of international competitions, so all those experiences of a hard demanding sport helped me to be consistent and disciplined on my dancing. I see dancing as a sport, I experience the same things I used to when I was a gymnast. Plus I use my gymnastics skills and flips through my dancing. 

How did Funkdation Crew come together?

 The 4 founders/members of Funkdation: Ana, Luigy, Bean and me, were in a Hip-Hop company for almost 4 years so we decided to quit the company and form our own group. We started training all styles at my garage.

Tell us about the ABDC experience…how many times had Funkdation auditioned previously?

ABDC was amazing! We got the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of talented dancers and choreographers. 

It was our first time auditioning, we always wanted to audition but never got the opportunity until season 7. Guess our plan was to train and prepare ourselves more as individuals and as a crew. ABDC open up a lot of doors for us, it motivated us to make the crazy decision of moving to LA, keep on going and follow our passion and dreams. 

What’s up with Funkdation now that the show is over?

Pushing hard, coming up with new stuff, getting our name out there so people can see us, trying to book shows and work out of what we love doing. 

Right now we are preparing our new set for Carnival. Its our first Carnival as Funkdation so we are pretty excited about this one. 

Any projects coming up for you?

I have a couple of shows coming up with Funkdation, but as an individual keep on working hard until I get where I imagine myself to be. 

I believe that Im in the right place at the right moment so whatever life gives me as a professional dancer I will take it.

If you had a theme song to dance too, what song would it be and why?

Any disco-funk, MJ or Janet Jackson track because I love this kind of music, even if its a slow song it makes me want to dance. This is the kind of music that never gets old. 

Other than dance, do you have any other passions?

Flipping is my other passion, I love going to the gym, train flips and fly lol. As well as traveling and films. 

What do you want for Christmas?

Not asking for anything just to be with my family back in Mexico, spend a lot of time with them before I come back to LA in New Year¬īs. ¬†

But I really need a macbook and a professional camera, because this is what every professional dancer needs here in LA lol 

Any shout outs…

Shout out to all the beautiful people that have helped and supported us along this journey! Our friends and family. Shout out to my amazing family, they¬†are the main reason why I¬īm here in LA living my dream.¬†

What words of inspiration would you give to dancers out there?

Work hard, be patient, believe in yourself and follow your heart, because dreams DO come true. 


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