Midnight’s 2nd Annual United Dancers’ FOOD4FUNK Canned Food/Toy Drive Jam

From OG Midnight comes the 2nd Annual United Dancers’ FOOD4FUNK Canned Food & Toy Drive Jam SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24! Dancers and supporters will come together this Saturday at Chucos Justice Center in Inglewood to raise canned food for less fortunate families and toys for children in the LA area. The event will feature workshops, live DJ’s, artwork, funk style cyphers, and a 3 on 3 Poppin Battle. Admission is 4 canned goods or 2 brand new toys!

“EVERYBODY thats online now, if you DONT or DIDNT know-NOW you do. Come support a GOOD cause and enjoy yourself and others. FUNK/SOUL/Old School beats/music playing AAALL day. The tiny TOT BOTS from San Diego are coming down to ‘break that robot/popping dpwn’!! $1.50 Chicken and Beef Tacos will be sold. Poppin/Locking/Waving Dance workshops from 11am t 3pm!!!! Dominoes n card table will be set up!!! The LOCKERS will ‘Lock it up” @2pm!! A 3on3 POPPIN BATTLE will go down @3pm!!!! And ofcourse, the OG and NewSchool DANCERS of ALL STYLES and AGES “doing what they do”!!!! LADIES and GENTLEMEN Just bring your food cans, your kids, your friends(with their cans), you cameras, and your support!!! Its all for a GOOD cause-and its FFREEEE !!NO MONEY (except the tacos lol)……..Just cans. Peace, MIDNIGHT.”

There will be 3 various workshops going on:




“So please,MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the sat of NOVEMBER 24 (AFTER THANKSGIVING)…..and PLEASE think to come thru n ‘show some REAL love’. For THOSE that say “Ill be with my family”,thats cool,understandable. BUT-think of the ones that dont HAVE ANY FAMILY,or CANT BE WITH THEIRS, like you are with yours. Feel me????? Hey -you can even BRING your family to stop by TOO……..Youll feel good KNOWING you made a difference.A little is BETTER than NOTHING at all. PEACE ;-D”


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