StageMe – The World’s Social Contest Arena

Websites, promoters, businesses, and companies all are utilizing contests online to promote themselves in the 21st Century! You’ve probably submitted a photo or video, or maybe helped a friend try to win an online competition. For us dancers when we see something that catches our eye for a contest, we IMMEDIATELY go find a location with our camera and begin shooting our video!

Our world today is connected more than any other time on earth and we are virtually closer through various platforms, the idea of StageMe as the world’s leading social contest arena brings artists and dancers closer together! Current contests include Tutting, Popping, BoneBreaking, 1 on 1, Cap Tricks, and Gloving! With more contests coming up in the future, StageMe will release its newly designed website in the coming months which will be user friendly and social connect all contestants and fans!

We are fortunate enough and honored to be involved in some upcoming projects with StageMe that will help share your talents from a variety of dance styles. Make sure to keep up to date on all StageMe and Step x Step social medias!

We are also honored to share this interview with Tim & Claire from StageMe, which will give you a little more information on the idea of the social contest arena and background on the founders of the site! ENJOY




Give a quick synopsis what StageMe is

StageMe is a virtual arena for video contests among friends and the world… we like to call it ‘The Social Contest Arena’.

Powering the arena is the StageMe platform that allows anyone to host, judge and compete in online contests for anything.  Along side the arena we also have a community of performers that is growing daily.

We have re-imagined contests to be fast, frequent and accessible to people of all genres, skill levels, talents and geographical locations. By providing regular opportunities to compete online, performers are able to increase their audience and fan base, as well as build credibility, connect with others in their area of skill, receive feedback, learn, innovate and improve. We’re also starting to provide dancers with amazing opportunities to win great prizes.

For those viewing and voting in contests in StageMe, you’re part of a growing crowd that’s discovering amazing new talented people and quality videos.

How did the idea come about?

We were enjoying a glass of wine one evening and thought it would be cool if there was a destination online were DJ’s could battle with their songs live, and listeners could tune in, vote on what they liked and in the process discover great new music. We quickly realised that the idea could apply to almost any creative genre whether it be Dance, Rap, Singing, Comedy, Film-making, freestyle football, computer animation etc. We initially referred to it as “the online x-factor, for anything”.

After a lot of research, we realised there wasn’t really anything out there that provided people with a compelling online experience, and real opportunities for performers to be discovered and to  build their audience in a way that TV talent shows provided.

There are a number of different competitions, how did you venture into the dance world?

Initially we explored all sorts of competitions but with focus come the best results – so we decided to give all our love and attention to the dance community. 

It’s a genre that we’ve felt particularly drawn to, and we’ve watched many amazing dance videos since we first started this journey.  Dance is a naturally perfect fit for StageMe – it’s a highly engaging form of creativity, it showcases music and is a naturally competitive genre. One of our favourites videos was Popping John’s performance at the Urban Dance Showcase 2011 – it was quite surreal to be talking to him on the phone a year later!

What’s been the reaction thus far with the dance world?

In all honesty, we have been completely overwhelmed by the response from the dance community.  Literally every single person we’ve come into contact with has welcomed us with open arms and has been willing to help out in any way they can – many saying they have been waiting for something like StageMe to be built.  It has been truly inspiring and humbling for us.  We’ve saved all of the amazing comments and messages we’ve received to keep us motivated!

The attitude of dancers and the community are incredibly positive, active and vocal – as are we – and we’re really excited about what the future holds.

There have been and are a few online dance and/or video submission contests on the web, what separates StageMe from the rest?

We’re not trying to be another talent website – our focus is on building a video contest community/platform that uses the latest technologies and design to create innovative ways to compete online. 

We are focused on creating a quality online experience that is as close as possible to the ‘real world’ with all the extra benefits that the Internet brings.  By embracing Promoters & Contest Hosts, Viewers & Voters, Performers, Professional Judges, Media Partners, Videographers, Brands & Sponsors and more – you have an ecosystem that works together to discover and nurture quality content and talent.  The community itself creates ways for dancers to connect with each other globally, and allows innovation and collaboration to occur.  As we continue to grow the community beyond dance, we’ll be connecting performers of all genres together in an entirely new way.

What does the future hold for StageMe?

We’re currently in the early release phase of StageMe (‘Alpha’) and are only just getting started. After only 10 weeks of being live, talking to dancers and collecting feedback, we’ve started building the next version – StageMe Beta which will be live in early 2013. We’ve focused on simplifying everything and optimising the product so that it’s more usable and accessible to everyone. We’ve overhauled the contest products – and will be launching a brand new format! We’ll also be launching the mobile site and app very soon.

Beyond that, we literally have 100’s of ideas that we we’ll be bringing to life for StageMe – but we can’t give too much away.  Just get ready! 

How does one sign up for StageMe and what’s the process to start a battle?

To join StageMe, simply go to and click the ‘Connect With Facebook’ button to create your account and get your Stage Name. 

We’re running regular contests across a whole range of different dance styles that anyone can enter. Just sign up or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about them.

We’re also trialling a new contest format called 1 ON 1 Battles that will allow any dancer (globally) to visit StageMe and battle with their video against any other dancer.  You can get involved in a trial 1 ON 1 Battle now by joining our Facebook group and submitting your video and we will pair you up with another dancer and create the online battle. In the next release we’ll be opening it up to user’s to be able to battle anyone.

We also want to hear any contest ideas from the dance community – so please join the conversation!

If StageMe had a theme song, what would it be and why?

That’s a really hard question! I would have to say Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. I’m not sure what the exact meaning of the song is, but I would say that every person out there with a passion and a dream knows that you have to keep going and keep believing – Stayin Alive! Plus, John Travolta really knows how to strut his stuff to that song – and if you’re not showing off and strutting on StageMe then what are you doing?  Oh, and the Bee Gees achieved their first chart success in Australia – we must admit we’re proud Aussies!

Give us a little background on the creators of StageMe

The first thing people realise when they speak to us is that we’re Australian! That means cool accents and kangaroos.

Tim’s has quite a cool tech entrepreneurial background – back in 2003, he commercialised the very first version of the Shazaam consumer application to the Asia/Pacific Region – pre iPhone! You had to dial a number, hold your phone up to the speaker and then you would receive a text message back with the name of the song. From there he moved on to create Australia’s largest Mobile Technology Services & Entertainment Company.

I come from a marketing and communications background and have worked in a number of different digital agencies – from project management, to client services, sales, digital, design and social media marketing. Tim and I actually met in a business meeting when I was working at Bullseye, in Sydney Australia. The rest is history!

Where can people connect with StageMe outside of the website?

You’ll find us in all the usual places – please follow/like/join. We’re online pretty much all the time and love meeting new people and having a chat. Tell us your story!





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