Street Dance Soundtrack: Streetdance music website


Have you ever been at a battle or competition or even went onto YouTube saw a video and wanted the songs right then?! You pull out your phone and try to Shazaam or SoundHound the song, but…NOPE! Or you try to interrupt the DJ and ask him or her what the name of the song is. Sometimes these things can be realllly difficult…and you get frustrated because you are so inspired! Well here comes a website trying to help you with those frustrations.

Have you always wanted to know what that track was played at that dance battle, showcase or event?

This is a website dedicated to providing music from all current and old street dance movies. It also provides soundtracks from other popular dance movies. It allows you to download the soundtrack quickly and easily and you can also download or buy the street dance movie itself.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to find GOOD music, really good music to practice to in your streetdance style? aslo recommends music suited for various streetdance styles such as; popping, locking, whacking, house dance, hiphop dance, krumping, footworking, bboying and many more on our music for streetdance page.

Have you ever wanted to have one place, one site where you can download, search, collect, research or even purchase music for streetdance?

You can select, download and play music instantly to suit your street dance needs. Whether you want music for “sessioning” with friends, battle music for a awesome DJ set, inspiration for great dance choreography or just simply to wild out to in the comfort of your home has it all. will show you amazing and highly recommened youtube videos of street dancers, choreographers and battles that have used such music to the fullest so that you can get a complete feel for the music you wish to have in your collection.

So we’d like to thank you for checking this site out for it shows us that you have a strong love not just for the music but also for the dance. “DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING.”

Kind regards,

Team StreetST.”


Interview with Michael Oladele

I am a dancer I’ve been dancing for nine years now and I do thing like house dance, locking whacking popping all kinds of dance. I love all kinds of dance and so I love all kinds of music and I really really enjoy listening to music. I especially enjoyed listening to music at competitions like juste debout IBE cerce underground, funking styles, all those.

What I found was that amongst other dancers not just in the UK around the world in France and Japan America we are always wanting to share music we always want to gain more music increase our playlists our iPod size and just have the best music to dance to listen to. The problem I found was that it is really difficult to find music good music to dance to good music for dancers. so I thought let me make a website that categories music with the Dance style.

I couldn’t do this alone so I got a couple of friends together like-minded people to help me out what we did is that we searched the internet for videos of popular dance events even televised events and we just hunt down the music and we collect the music and we put that on the website.

The future plans are to make Are similar website for different languages are different countries because some of the music isn’t available in that country as you know we LinkedIn music to iTunes and to our other music website so people can buy them you can download them but they’re not always available in other countries.

There are other big ideas we have are in the works were all we really want to do is to really push this website and make it as known to as many dancers as possible so that we can build a community of dancers sharing music on the site not just me and my team giving our own recommendations because our recommendations are subjective really, although we are dancers, it’s nice for everybody to share their own wisdom on music.

The best thing about the website I believe are our playlists section where we famous dancers, pioneers to share their musical playlists and philosophies with us. I really like it when the pioneering dancers, famous dancers share their music playlists and music wisdom with us so that us aspiring dancers can understand more on how to connect music with the .

The website features a number of different styles of music, soundtracks from movies, and even history on the different music and culture styles. You can even access some of the top dancers playlists such as Ana Sanchez, Firelock, and Cebo. It looks as though the site may be new and is well on its way to gaining hot traction.





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