Merry Christmas from Step x Step Dance

282978_398108283600625_2078656515_nWe want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! We have been so grateful for the support this year and a half since Step x Step Dance was started. Our goal to unite dancers worldwide and give a voice to all street dancers we feel has been successful! It’s been wonderful to see all kinds of dancers from many different styles and backgrounds. Not only have we been able to feature and highlight so many amazing dancers, but Step x Step has expanded in many territories and started a dance crew, which we feel is only going to help us share the positivity of Hip Hop culture.

One of the wonderful things about the end of the year and Christmas is you get to renew yourself in many ways. You start to look back at your year and determine what was good and what you could have done better. As in life you seek to be better, same goes for us dancers who look to expand our knowledge and our dance. We all celebrate in achievements and accomplishments as well we try to find solutions to our mistakes, shortcomings, and faults. The beauty of the holiday season is that there’s a magic that inspires and sparks something inside of us to be better.

We look to the future with a bright hope that if we can keep pushing and working hard, all our dreams and successes will come true. I can only tell you personally with faith, hard work, and picking up from failures – you will reach those accomplishments!!! Here at Step x Step we are true believers in that!

The most important quality as a person, a dancer, a crew, or organization is TO ALWAYS GIVE BACK! Something that is at the very heart of Step x Step is giving back to the community in a number of ways. It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be a small that has a big impact. For instance, this week we were at a workshop at The Jukebox Dance Studio and a dancer was not able to pay for the second workshop at the event. It was within our means and our duty to help that dancer grow by paying for their workshop. Now maybe it was only a few dollars and only one workshop, but that dancer I believe will be inspired to pay it forward otherwise.

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