@CypherAdikts: 2 Years in the Breakin’ – #stepxstepdance #cypheradikts

cypher-adikts-interview1Cypher Adikts celebrated its 2 year anniversary this past month with an event in Los Angeles which brought out a number of dope Bboys and Bgirls. Bgirl Jeskilz, founder of Cypher Adikts, organized the event which included Koolski (Rock So Fresh), host of the event, DJ Ervin Arana, and a special live performance by Jungle Fire. StrifeTV was also seen in the building and you can catch their recap below.

As you can see the event was a huge success and Cypher Adikts continues to bring a healthy balance to bboy jams and cyphers all around the world.

The mission of Cypher Adikts is about “not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself CYPHER ADIKTS:  you don’t come to watch, you come to catch wreck!” (Cypher Adikts Website)

Founded by Bgirl Jeskilz who came to New York from France in the early 2000’s and trained with some of the best bboys in the world. She was introduced to Crazy Legs through Alien Ness in 2004 and the next few years would establish herself as one of the dopest Bgirls in the scene!

“She packed again and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 hoping to find success in the dance industry. She quickly landed major roles in movies and commercial but never found herself content the way she did within the Hip Hop community so in 2011 she decided to give birth to an idea that had been in her mind for years called CYPHER ADIKTS, a jam that would bring back the essence of the dance stepping away from competitions and all kind of set up rules. Cypher Adikts not only represented the ideal concept to her it also embraced a mentality she had always related to from the start.

The cyphers are the birth place of Hip Hop and this is what she along with everyone else involved promotes with the intention of carrying on tradition. Jeskilz’ main mission now is to give back to the community, through Cypher Adikts she hopes to inspire and educate the youth into experiencing what our culture is truly all about.” (Cypher Adikts Website)

Cypher Adikts will be touring around the world the next few months so make sure to check them out in:

Taipei, Taiwan – Feb 15, 2013

Montreal, Canada – May 10, 2013

Denver, Colorado – June 28, 2013

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia – July 25, 2013







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