About Step By Step

Welcome to Step X Step Dance! My name is Clayton “C-Bass” Ashcraft, I am a freestyle street dancer originally from San Diego. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and only God, family, and friends are more important to me than dance. I have been organizing dance competitions since 2005 and have competed in many battles. I believe dance should be a form of expression to inspire others and inclusion of anyone and everyone is important to inspiring others. Michael Jackson is my biggest inspiration when it comes to talent, dance, music, and expression of ones God given gifts.

Step x(By) Step was created to make dreams come true for not only the creator of this adventure but as well for those in the Dizzy Feet Foundation and other dancers.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and this adventure that I will be pursuing now in 2012 has made me focus on exposing studios, dancers, crews, events, clothing companies, and anything related to the street and hip hop dance scene. Interviews, reviews, performances, updates on events…I try to get to everything! No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced everyone has a story to tell through voice and dance!

Step x Step Dance is not just a media site for covering through blog and video but we also organize events, provide educational opportunities, and utilize our brand through merchandise.



Since our inception in June 2011, we have expanded our staff around the US and around the world. We are pleased to introduce our journalists and crew behind the scenes of this site and our Facebook page.

Kyl Moreno – Graphic Designer/Covering Southwest US & LA

My first encounter with dance was late in 2010. I was introduced to ASU’s “Urban Movement” classes out of curiosity from the title, after I had taken a Parkour class.  Little did I know I would be learning about Hip Hop and having to dance, something I was convinced I was incapable of.  By the Spring of 2011 I had learned enough to be interested to learn more and began my dance education with occasional classes from Epik Dance Company, and even got involved with a piece Jojo Diggs was choreographing for ASU.  It was on my birthday, when all I did was attend rehearsal for that piece that I realized how much I really loved dance.  In May 2011, I started taking classes at the JukeBox Dance Studio in Gilbert, AZ.  There my involvement escalated, taking every class I could by the summer, and eventually every class available.  In the past year I have come to recognize my passion for dance and define myself as a dancer; dance has changed me, my life, and my direction.  I can no longer imagine a day without dancing, and look forward to every day I am blessed to dance.

I love Hip Hop and House music, the way it moves people, and the community and culture that has formed around it.

Stefani aka B-Girl Loopy 😉 – Covering Western Europe and a little bit of LaLaland

Musical/theater – Jazz ballet – Belly dance – Hip Hop

I believe the only things that will last in this world Love, Music, Dance.

Michael Jackson taught me and Hip Hop is my imaginary textbook. ONE!

Thank You,

Clayton C-Bass Ashcraft

Let’s Connect: http://www.facebook.com/cashcraft

Facebook fan page: facebook.com/stepxstepdance

16 thoughts on “About Step By Step

  1. I wish i could learn how to dance like that. I know how to dancebut, i only know how to do Clogging.
    Clogging is awsome but your kind of dancen is better.

  2. hi i am b-girl vortex i have a blog kind of like yours and i used to dance with mace i like your blog maybe you could look at mine and tell me what you think getbreaking.squarespace.com

  3. Dear Step By Step:
    I’d like to alert you to a dance competition we are hosting at The Balboa on March 31st, that will serve as opening act to a concert featuring seven of YouTube’s biggest celebrity performers collaborating under the name “YTF” (see profile below). Details can be found at: http://ytfglobal.com/ytf-dance-competition/.

    Two of YTF’s performers – Victor Kim and D-Trix of Quest Crew and ABDC – with help from the show’s audience, will judge the competition, with the winning crew being awarded $500 and coverage on the YTFGlobal.com website. Preliminary video entries are due on March 17th.

    Feel free to share this information with students and fellow dancers who might be interested in participating. I’d be glad to discuss any questions you might have.

    John Byrnes
    Partner, YTF

  4. Just now checking out the site and loving what I am seeing. Keep up the great work, you support system will grow, your company will grow and prosperity is in the making. Thank you for giving us dancers another place to refer to and to be inspired. Step By Step has definitely inspired me to keep pushing, to keep chasing and to keep fighting for what I do and whether I’m into my dancing or my music more, that I will never quit either one because I have to keep going to inspire who could be the next greatest person who could possibly be someone to change the world, it could even be me but I don’t know that, that is why I must keep going because nobody knows. Thank you C-Bass for being there and supportive of me, my crew, and everything I am doing to become great.

    -Xavier Patten
    Phusion Dance Crew

  5. I am looking for hip hop, pop and lock and break dancing classes for my son who is 13, in Tucson, Az. Please contact me if you know of a really incredible teacher. 520-591-4441

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